Top 5 Ankle Rehabilitation Exercises for Football Players

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Neymar ankle sprain 2019
Neymar suffering ankle sprain in 2019


The first step to recovering from nasty ankle sprains is always rest and recovery. Doctors advise the liberal application of ice, compression and constant elevation to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

The Empowerband Football Ankle Support is a tool to use as your recovery continues, it’s critical that you undertake some light exercise to ensure your ankle heals completely and doesn’t get injured again. David Fevre (Manchester Utd/Blackburn physio)created these exercises to have different levels of strengthening/proprioceptive (balance) stimulus supported with the use of the Empowerband during the rehabilitation phase.

Top 5 Rehabilitation Exercises For Football Players

1. Bike Partial Weight Bearing

At this point, you want to maintain strength in the calf and muscles while promoting healthy circulation to the ankle. While on the bike only partial weight is bearing on the ankle joint.

2. Single leg balance Full Weight Bearing

Once pain is reduced and healing is well on its way, you can begin to lightly stress the damaged ligaments by placing the ankle under full weight-bearing forces.

3. Sandpit

Incorporating different ground forces you continue building strength and proprioception during exercises into your rehabilitation.

4. Movement 360 Full Weight Bearing

Strengthening your ankle and building proprioception through controlled movement in multiple directions on the grass.

5. Ball work

Multi directional movement with ball work incorporates multi functional stimulus to re-build strength and proprioception

Continue to perform these exercises to help in your recovery.

Special thanks to Blackburn Rovers for the use of there facilities and head of Sports science & medicine Dr Russ Wrigley

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