Zinc Oxide Ankle Tape Allergy In Football - Violet Mckee Queensland Academy Of Sport

Violet Mckee wearing the Empowerband Football Ankle Support

After my daughter's allergic reaction to Metal Oxide Rigid tape, we looked around for an alternative ankle restraint option. Since receiving the Empowerband, she has had nothing but confidence in returning to training & playing. Playing in a boy's competition, she has to play quickly & physically. The Empowerband removed any doubt or worry about her ankle stability. We have recommended Empowerband to her friends, teammates & the Academy Physio as an alternative to taping." Phillip Mckee

What is metal hypersensitivity? A disorder of the immune system.

It is estimated that up to 17% of women and 3% of men are allergic to nickel and that 1% to 3% of people are allergic to cobalt and chromium. These types of reactions can be limited reactions and can appear as contact dermatitis on the skin that has been exposed to the metal. The skin may appear red, swollen, and itchy. Hives and rashes may also develop.

Treatment of metal hypersensitivity is highly individualized, as the allergens and reactions can be very different from person to person.

Skin hypersensitivities can often be resolved by avoiding the item that causes the reaction. If the dermatitis is more significant, the doctor can also prescribe corticosteroid creams and ointments to reduce the local inflammation. The doctor can also prescribe oral antihistamines to further reduce the allergic reaction

Empowerband provides ankle support specifically designed for Football. It provides a safe alternative to zinc oxide taping and is made of silicone rubber on a nylon support frame which is worn over the boot and avoids contact with the skin.

Violet Mckee in action for Queensland Academy of Sport

Play with confidence after injury with Empowerband Football Ankle Support


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